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Why Am I Gay? A little Personal Quest to Theories on Homosexuality

Why Am I Gay? A little Personal Quest to Theories on Homosexuality

Why Am I gay, not my brother? And why you are gay? Before you start to find faults and excuses, let me start with, "It's not my choice to be gay and it's absolutely not my fault". Yes, I know...not yours either. Being gay is not an option - I never knew I was labelled as GAY, Pervert, Abnormal and a Sinner for being felt attracted to other guys. Not until I grew up and began to feel uncom comfortable expressing it that I knew I was different. SICK? Nothing wrong with me - physically and mentally I am perfectly fit. A sinner? I don't think so. It's other human who could not find answer for gay being in this world who then make excuses using religion ( the strongest mental punishment ) to justify their thought. To me, If God creates me GAY -- why He shall punish me for the thing HE wants me to be. Unless, there is another GOD who competes his authority. All the religion stuff doesn't make sense to me. With the thought I headed for my very own quest to GAY world and see what other reseachers and scientist have to say about gay. I have listed some below and let's check if their theories is logical or another nonsense make-up answer : The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that sexual orientation is not weighted on one simple factor but by combination of genetic, hormonal, and enviroment influence ( gay by learned ? ). However for most people the sexual orientation is determined by early age. A study about sexual orientation with prenatal hormones reveals that sexual orientation result primarily from influence of sex hormones. High prenatal testoterone levels organize the brain in male in specific fashion, while high levels of estrogens and prostagens organize the brain in female. Manupulating the exposure of this sexual hormones exposure during prenatal will lead to a behavior of preference for same-sex. Another study reported that each older older you have will increase the odd of you being gay by 33%. The more older brother you have, the more chances you are gay. The report explained that it has been proposed that male fetuses provoke a martenal immune reaction that becomes stronger with each excessive male fetus. Male fetuses produce H-Y antigens which involved in sexual differentiation. It is this antigen which maternal H-Y antibodies are proposed to both react and remember. Successive male fetuses are then attacked by H-Y antibodies which somehow becomes less and less powereful to perform their function in brain masculinization of male fetuses. Another study, somehow, reveal the evidence that sexual orientation was created by enviroment influence. Some evidence showed that gay men report having had less loving or more rejecting father, and closer to the mother than straight men. But it is the parent who hold responsibility in response to homosexuality in a child is still unclear and need more supporting facts. During some personal research, I found several interesting facts about gay men:
1. The INAH-3 in brains of gay men is significantly smaller than heterosexal men
2. The anterior commissure is larger than straight men
3. Gay men's brains respond differently to fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
4. Inner ear and central auditory system are more functional ( lesbian )
5. Gay men emit different armpit odors
6. Gay men's brains respond differently to sex pheromones found in male armpit
7. Ring finger ratio different from straight men.
8. More likely to be left-handed
9. More verbally fluent.
10. Better object location memory
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