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What Women Want Men to Know
By Malachi M.

If you are reading this article it's not by accident. You either have some concerns, or your really want to know what women want men to know, especially in the area of SEX!
Oh, you thought you were the bomb? Think again playa! I suggest you read this book and learn exactly what your woman thinks of you in the bedroom. Then you can surprise her and really be the BOMB.
You want a better sexual relationship? Read the book.
You want to know what you thought you knew but really did not know? Read the book.
You want to know why she's not completely satisfied? Read the book.
You want to know how to hit it just right? Yeah, you know... READ THE BOOK MAN!!
And get your boys the book as a great gift. Not only to him but for her as well. They will both thank you and be in your debt, trust me!
What Women Want Men To Know... Think you know?
Simply AWESOME!! I thought I knew about what women wanted. Boy was I way off base. as usual when it comes to knowing what women want. Guys we tend to want to fake it like we know it all. that only makes us look that much more silly in the eyes of our women.
We need to just suck up all the "male ego" attitudes and read this book, What Women Want Men To Know. We are not too old to learn what they want. What's the worst that could happen? You might learn how to love her just right. Surprise her, READ something other than Playboy, okay Wall Street.
What Women Want Men To Know... An Awesome Read! Learn what your woman wants.
Pick one up and when you do pick a couple up for your buddies. They will thank you and be in your debt. Trust me!
I'm just a simple man with simple needs writing my way to a simply wealthy lifestyle. If you want to know what women want men to know you need to read the book malachiwrites 2008/11/26/what-women-want-men-to-know malachiwrites 2008/11/26/what-women-want- men-to-know/
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width="62" Malachi-M._238183 Malachi M. Malachi M.

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