Remove manual steps with Displayr integrations


Import data directly into Displayr. Qualtrics integration requires a Qualtrics account with API Access. The Base URL and API token will need to be input each time. Find out more.


Import survey data directly from Forsta by entering the Forsta Base URL and API Token. The API call can be set to automatically refresh your data. Find out more.

Displayr Cloud Drive

The Displayr Cloud Drive offers a way for Enterprise users to store and share files across your company documents.


Directly import data from SurveyMonkey via the SurveyMonkey API. SurveyMonkey integration requires an annual SurveyMonkey plan. Find out more.


Automatically import your data into Displayr from a Box paid subscription account.


Automatically import your data from Dropbox to Displayr.
Find out more.


For Google Drive (personal), the direct link is created by Google where fileID is obtained from the Link to Share dialog box. Find out more.


Automatically import your data from a OneDrive or OneDrive for Business to Displayr.
Find out more.


Conduct analysis in Displayr using the R Language. Enter the R code directly into an R Output or create R Variables and load R Data Sets. Write custom R code and auto update dashboards. Find out more.


Generate custom alerts in Slack with the Displayr and Slack integration.
Find out more.


Fetch raw data from SQL databases that automatically refresh every n hours.
Find out more.


Fetch data using a URL (web address). You will need a URL that directly downloads the data file if you were to paste it into your web browser.


Importing data from the WordPress API is simple in Displayr. You can connect to WordPress to directly bring in information about your blog posts.
Find out more.


Connect Displayr to the Google Analytics API so that you can start importing and visualizing your data. Displayr can easily extract data from Google Trends data. Find out more.


Import X data into Displayr using the X API.
Find out more.


Add data sets to Displayr from Snowflake databases. Find out more.

Web scraping using R

The process of using software to fetch the contents of a web page and extract information from it for use in some analysis. Find out more.

Displayr can connect to the most common data formats including survey data from SPSS, Triple-S, and SPSS Dimensions, Excel, and Q.

Build your annual plan
Number of professional users at $2,699 per user per year

Professional users can create, edit, and export documents without restriction, subject to the amount of server time available. For more info see our Pricing FAQs.

Number of professional users
Expires in 12 months
Additional editing server time at per hour

Additional time may be required for heavy users (e.g., full-time users or for regular users of multiple servers at the same time).

Displayr saves you time by spreading calculations across multiple servers. For example, if you have Displayr open in two different browser tabs, calculations in one tab will not slow down computations in the other. You can continue to edit a document while long-running calculations are occurring in the background. Similarly, if you conduct multiple computer-intensive calculations at the same time in a Displayr document, these will be computed on multiple servers. In these instances, Displayr automatically runs on multiple servers. This saves you time, as you spend less time waiting for calculations to be completed. However, it also reduces your server time at an accelerated rate. For more info see our Pricing FAQs.

For heavy users (e.g., for regular use of multiple servers at the same time).

Editing server time included per user
1,000 hrs
Additional editing server time
Expires in 12 months
1,000 hrs
Server time for dashboards & API

It is necessary to pre-pay for server time to host dashboards that are private (secure & not available to members or the public) or public with larger data files (more than 1,000 rows and 100 columns). For more info see our Pricing FAQs.

Server time for dashboards & API
Expires in 12 months
Total $USD3,699*

*Inc GST

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