Today’s Market Research Needs: Is Your Software Fit for Purpose?

Constantly getting asked to “do more” and “do it faster”?

If you're feeling the pressure to deliver insights at record-breaking speeds for less cost, but your team is already working at capacity, it may be time to address the elephant in the room. The business world has changed and today's voracious appetite for insights demands a tool fit for the purpose. Sticking to your conventional and dated tools may mean risking missed opportunities, slower turnaround times and a dwindling customer base.

If you need your business to not just remain competitive, but thrive in this new landscape, it's time to upgrade your tech stack to one built for the modern market research industry. Designed for researchers, Displayr's the all-in-one analysis and reporting solution that will help you prevent time and cost blowouts, simplify your workflow, and deliver better insights - fueling your business growth and giving you a competitive edge today.

With Displayr

  • Automation with minimal error
  • Instant updates when data changes
  • Clients self-serve with dashboards
  • Interactive dashboards
  • User-friendly, no code needed
  • Real-time cloud-based collaboration
  • One complete tool for everything
  • Intuitive design for all expertise levels
  • Efficient, precise, and seamlessly connected

Current Processes

  • High labor costs and risk of error
  • Manual updates and redos for every change
  • Extensive back and forth communication with clients
  • Large data dump reports
  • Dependence on programmers and specialists
  • Taking turns editing a document
  • Lots of tools that don't work well together
  • Complicated software requiring specialist knowledge
  • Slow, prone to errors, inflexible, and static

Key Benefits

  • Provide more value for even the most discerning clients with deeper insights
  • Gain a competitive advantage with top-notch interactive reporting capabilities
  • Deliver more, faster, and fuel business growth
  • Amplify efficiency with automation
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs by consolidating your research tech into one scalable tool
  • Reduce costs by eliminating outsourcing and minimizing delays
  • Prevent time and cost blowouts with a predictable workflow
  • Improve productivity and eradicate error risks by repurposing work rather than starting from scratch

Proof is in the results

Nielsen, Kantar, and Amazon are among the top companies using Displayr to speed up their analysis and reporting process, impressing their clients along the way.

19x faster

Update tracking studies

10x faster

Analysis and reporting

93% saved

Time on quality control

Why Displayr
Why Displayr
Why Displayr
Why Displayr
Why Displayr
Why Displayr
Why Displayr
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