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Q2 2023

Calculation grids

This new feature allows for the creation of tables that can be a mix of text, values, or calculations. It is also now possible to create a table that draws in data from multiple other tables throughout a Displayr document.

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Q1 2023

Automatically translate when categorizing text!

Translate and categorize text data in the same workflow with the push of a button! Researchers who conduct surveys in languages other then their own and collect text data now have the convenience of being able to translate and categorize all in one spot. This saves a lot of time compared to using other translation apps (like Google) or doing the translations elsewhere in Displayr.

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Q4 2022

Faster Categorization of Text Data

Displayr's "Semi-Automatic" text categorization creates a draft code frame and assigns responses for you up front - you just need to fine tune the code frame and it's ready to go. Text categorization algorithms also significantly upgraded, including those for multiple response code frames and spontaneous brand awareness questions.

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Bar Charts with Automatic Highlights

No more manually adding labels or call-outs to a classic bar chart and typing in interesting results. With Displayr's 'Bar with Skews' visualization you can automatically show significant results. And if the data changes, the highlights do too. Show in one chart what would normally take many.

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Q3 2022

Google Analytics Tracking

If you publish Displayr dashboards to large or engaged audiences, see how they interact with them, so you can improve over time

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Q2 2022

Data Imputation

Got a data set with some survey error or poor quality controls? No problem - Displayr has algorithms to estimate and replace missing data to get you through

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Show significance highlights on a wider range of visualizations

Significance highlights can now be easily added to R versions of Bar, Column, Line and Radar visualizations. Just select the visualization and look for the “Significance” settings in Properties > APPEARANCE.

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Automatically transform variables

Save time and sharpen your data - Displayr can instantly transform numeric variables into categories, convert geographic variables into logical groups, and simplify variables based on patterns in data.

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Custom or planned significance tests

Go beyond Displayr's automated significance highlighting and test specific hypotheses or results contained within a table - simply select the desired cells and hit the "Alpha" button in the Object Inspector. Displayr will apply the appropriate test for your data and interpret the results for you!

Q1 2022

Automatically hide non-significant row and columns in tables

You can now quickly simplify an otherwise complex crosstab without the need to manually select and hide rows and columns, to help build the story in your data.

Properties > RULES > Modify Whole Table or Plot > Hide Non-Significant Rows and Columns

Add calculations directly to visualization drop-downs

Save workflow steps (and therefore time) and speed up your documents by adding custom formulas, custom selections etc. directly into the drop down boxes when you build visualizations.

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Animate when presenting in View mode

Many users like the benefits of having an interactive, menu driven presentation when doing so in View mode. We've now added a basic animation function to further enhance this experience.

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Advanced significance testing

We've boosted (significantly!) statistical testing options and how they can be displayed. Go to Properties > Significance > Advanced.

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Introducing the dependency graph

Simply right click on an item in Displayr, select "Dependency Graph", and a diagram magically appears representing the inputs for that item and any downstream outputs. It's a great way to navigate and optimize performance in those complex documents.

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Custom fonts

Displayr has a range of popular fonts built in but now you can add any true type font to customize your dashboards and exports.

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Q4 2021

Format painter

Popular in other design applications (like PowerPoint), this functionality has now been added to Displayr. Just select a shape, text, or calculation, click (or double-click for multi-pasting) Format Painter in the menu bar, then click on the object(s) that you want to reformat. Once you have a format you like, it saves a lot of time!

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Calculate anything In Displayr

It’s now even easier to use Displayr to perform all your analyses, no matter how complex. With point-and-click functionality, you can easily create calculations from variables or table references (cells, rows, columns).

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You can do anything from standard operations (add, subtract, etc.) to the complex functions you find in Excel.

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Introducing the dynamic text box

Dynamic text boxes allow you to create text that automatically updates when the data changes. Boom.

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New templates for presenting data

Take your presentations up a notch with one of our 12 beautifully designed presentation templates. Add your company template and be on-brand from step one.

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Automatic data stacking

You can now instantly stack your data and automatically update your stacked file when new data comes in. Search: "Stack" in the Displayr app.

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Incase you missed it

Check out our latest webinars and learn some new analysis and reporting techniques.

Combine data files

Displayr automatically knits together data files to add new cases or variables while seamlessly updating analysis and reports.

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Work much faster with large data files

You can now compress large data files in Displayr by converting them to the *.QDat format, significantly improving performance and speed.

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New: infographic dashboard example

Perfect for packing loads of insight into a small space. Explore our latest example infographic dashboard.

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