Creating data apps to help your clients go faster

End-users of market research often have 101 questions at the end of a study: Can I see this chart/analysis for females in the UK? What will happen if I raise the price by $10? What will happen if I remove this product and launch two new products? What is the likelihood that a family in West Virginia with three kids, a dog, and a family income of under $50K will buy the product?

The old-school way to address these questions is to work them out and then inform the client. The modern way is to create data apps that allow clients to find the answers themselves, faster.

This webinar will cover the what, when, and how of building the most common data apps. Register now to secure your spot.

This webinar will include

  • Filtered reports and analyses: These data apps enable users to re-run results based on any sub-group they desire.
  • Personalized reports and analyses: This data app automatically adapts and changes based on the user who logs in.
  • (Segment) Typing/scoring tools for categorical and numeric data: Learn how to develop a data app with an underlying predictive model like linear regression, logit analysis, and machine learning.
  • Conjoint simulators: Explore using data apps to simulate different product configurations, pricing scenarios, and feature combinations, enabling insights into consumer preferences and market predictions.
  • Ad hoc calculators: Find out how to create data apps that function as calculators for specific business scenarios.
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