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Displayr is all-in-one analysis and reporting software purpose-built for survey data.


The only tool you'll ever need to uncover and share data stories

Displayr’s one app for everything, fully-connecting your survey data, analysis, visualizations, and reports for seamless automation and better, faster insights.

When you replace all your complicated analysis and reporting tools with Displayr, amazing things happen

Be wildly productive

Do everything in a fraction of the time, from data cleaning to analysis to dashboards & presentations.

Easier to DIY than outsource

Displayr automatically does your grunt work for you plus it’s faster & easier to do the advanced analysis yourself as well.

Report in a way that’s decades ahead

Share auto-updating interactive reports that are fully connected to the underlying analysis and source data.

Fully-connected means fully safe

Doing all your analysis and reporting in one tool leaves you infinitely less room for error. But if a mistake’s spotted, trace it, fix it & auto-update everything. Quality assured.

10 of the top 10 market research companies use Displayr to quickly find and share game-changing insights with their clients

You should too.

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1. Book a demo
2. Sign up (we’ll train you)
3. Churn out great insights

See why people love Displayr

在线澳洲幸运5168开奖历史结果号码:通过澳洲幸运5开奖网在线平台,彩民可以方便地查看和参与彩票游戏。详细记录每一期的开奖结果和中奖号码,方便彩民查询和分析。How Displayr cuts your analysis and reporting time in ½

You want to turn data into insight and share this insight in a meaningful and instantly understandable way, right? But so much of your analysis and reporting time is spent on painful manual tasks - endlessly cutting, pasting and formatting data, checking for mistakes, redoing work, cobbling together different software, and trying to figure stuff out.

And the problem is that these painful manual tasks don't leave you with much time to find and report your brilliant insights - stressful! We, at Displayr, don't think you should have to do these manual tasks at all. So, we combined our expertise in quantitative analysis and software engineering to create Displayr.

It's analysis and reporting software that automatically does all your painful manual tasks for you. It also makes it easy to do the tricky things that usually take ages to figure out - like machine learning, automatic text coding, statistical testing, driver analysis, and even building dashboards.

The result? Displayr will cut your analysis and reporting times in half. That's what 1000s of researchers who already use our software tell us.

Imagine blending Powerpoint, SPSS, Excel, and Tableau into one tool that's also fast, easy to use, and excellent for survey data - well, that's Displayr! If you analyze data, it'll make you thrive. And by using fewer resources to do more work, Displayr won't just save you time, it will make you money. You'll produce higher quality work faster, without needing to outsource or use other tools.

So, stop throwing away your valuable time to painful manual tasks and quit spending hours figuring stuff out! Schedule a demo of Displayr and discover how you can transform your survey data to brilliant insights in a fraction of the time.

Report: The rising cost of error
for your market research business

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